Does Amazon ship to Phillipines 2020

Amazon ph ? Not yet but the next best thing from what I’ve found being in Dumaguete city is a shipping company that has a U.S. address that Amazon will send your packages to. It’s that simple and yes they have a 96% on-time delivery rate.

Best shipping to the Phillipines is by far
there are others but I haven’t used them. The reason why shipping cart is so cool is when you look at something to ship direct from Amazon to the Phillipines you notice that they add an highly abusive (mentally) fee. To the check out cart. But when you send a package in the US especially with prime. It’s totally free and that’s why companies like shipping cart exist.

Shipping cart is the middle man in a very large chain of shipping companies, international duties, plus the occasional corrupt customs agent. They simplify the process completely.

Once you sign up to shipping cart they give a warehouse address like the one above.
This is the address you will use upon checkout with Amazon.

Once Amazon ships your product to shipping cart’s warehouse, shipping cart photographs your package along with any processing information tied to it and sends you an email. You then give them your Phillipines address and payment. Yes you can save upwards of $40-50 on duties and attached fees. Including some hard to find things in the Phillipines.

My suggestion: Is that you buy your electronics from US Amazon, especially IPhones and IPads as the Phillipines has so many Vietnam knockoffs.
We bought a IPhone on Facebook market place in Cebu not really thinking about the fake thing until noticing how short the battery life was on the phone.

Shipping time averages about a week, sometimes less. These guys have a great reputation, I even thought that since there was such a large mark up on some of the goods here in Dumaguete that we could actually buy authentic items and resell them to cover for our other purchases but have not put the time into researching it yet.

Overall I think a lot of people are catching on to the global shopping idea. It’s saved us a bundle plus after a while you get used to the shipping times and overall waiting just a little longer for a package is not that bad.