Coinbase vs Binance

Both of these tools are used to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

If you’re brand new and want to just hold bitcoin then just go with Coinbase. On the other hand, you want to get into crypto trading then In this situation, I recommend Binance.

Coinbase offers a very simple way to buy and store bitcoin, and it’s is ideal for the beginner who’s either new to the crypto space or is just a little frightened by all of the charts and graphs you might get on a trading platform.

Coinbase is the tool I have recommended for everyone who asks me how to get started with bitcoin. Binance is a little bit different, and if you want to see what the user interface looks like its in image.

Binance mobile interface

You probably have one of two reactions: either you’re like, ooh. This is just to nuts, bring me back to Coinbase, or you are like, dang. I know this is what I want to use, and if that’s the case for you and, you want to understand what all this crap is, then go with Binance from the beginning.

Now what I’ve just said is just my opinion on which one to use when trying to get started and which one you might want to use for trading. That being said, you can pretty much use either one (or both) if you have a preference, even if you prefer Coinbase. There is another platform of Coinbase called Coinbase-Pro, and this is the exchange equivalent for Binance.

Coinbase-pro is pretty much a direct competitor to Binance, in terms of which one is better. I don’t think it matters, honestly, but one thing that’s evident about Binance is that it started not that long ago and very quickly took over the cryptocurrency space.

It is the largest exchange based on volume.

Coinbase mobile interface

Crypto exchanges in general, are fairly new. Even Coinbase was founded on June 20th, 2012. Another difference, not that it matters, is that the Coinbase is a united states company, whereas Binance is a foreign company, which has brought up issues in the past, but I think it’s pretty much resolved now. The main issue was that Binance was split. So if you go to, this is a different website than but owned by the same company just different regulations.

There’s a little bit of confusion, and even when I signed up for and tried to use and it said It wasn’t available to the united states, and I was like, what the heck, I can’t even sign up for the most popular exchange.

Coinbase has a sleek design

All I needed to know, though, was that there’s our version, which is the one I want to use.
If I live in America, our version will be a little bit more limited in capabilities. VPN is best for Binance international.

You know you can go through the tabs, and there is just less than there is on the dot-com version, but that’s okay, it’s not like there are any issues with the U.S. version, and it’s totally fine to use that you might not get every single capability.

So, where do we even start? Well, my recommendation is Coinbase first and not Coinbase-Pro. is the easiest way to buy bitcoin in the U.S.
You can set an amount you want to purchase. Even as low as $10.00 bucks.

Note: A Coinbase bitcoin purchase is at a premium cost and not at exchange platform price.

The exchanges like Coinbase-Pro and Binance – offer a percentage fee system.

Coinbase-Pro like Binance sells bitcoin to you
you at exchange market value If you are going to be buying bitcoin once, twice or multiple times and maybe selling bitcoin. Then Coinbase is not the tool you want to use, and instead, you will want to use either Binance or Coinbase pro.

Note: Binance offers multiple coins for purchase-150 total/Coinbase offers 25 coins for sale.

Binance seems to be the most popular overall with a bigger learning curve.

Coinbase vs Binance fees

Coinbase fees
Binance fees