Do I need a visa to visit Phillipines from USA.

Official information for Cebu immigration 29day extension after your visa free 30 days has come to an end.

Yes you will need a visa ext after your automatic visa free 30 day stay in Cebu is about to end and you want to extend for another 29days. 

I’ve gone through the extension process several times in Cebu city at the J-Mall immigration on the 2nd floor in the mall, here’s what to expect.

Cebu immigration cutoff time 1pm

The office opens at 8:00 am and cutoff time is 1:00 pm to extend 29 day visa. Get there early as the process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours as it is the only himmigration office for Cebu and can be quite busy.

Visa extension Cebu
29 day extension at Cebu immigration

When you walk into the office immediately on your right there will be a immigration officer and a sign in log that you need to sign. Show your passport to the seated immigration officer who will give you a form to fill out after you tell him you want to file a 29 day extension.  The form is basic information, full name, location in Cebu, phone, height, weight, sex, etc…

Immigration office at Cebu

Once you fill out your form bring it and your passport to the officer that gave you the form. He will then verify and stamp your form giving you a number card to hold onto so when that number is called you will pay for the extension. 

Then you will walk over to the “receiving window” directly in the center of office and Hand your passport with stamped form to the officer. (Image above) This starts the process.

Card number for Cebu visa
Number card for payment.

He or she will tell you to have a seat and wait for your number to be called, once it’s called go up to the “cashier” and pay him. Plus give him your number card. 

Jmall Cebu immigration
Cashier window at Cebu immigration Jmall

The fee includes the express charge so the total is with everything for a 29 day extension is 3,200 php which includes express line as it seems like there is no other option although they give you the option on the form to choose. You will be charged express no matter what as it’s just more money for them.

Office in Cebu immigration

You will then have a seat again and wait for the final process of which your actual name will he called, then you walk up to “releasing” to grab your passport and any related papers that come with it which include a receipt for your payment and a statement saying you have been cleared from any police records or blacklists in the country.

As I said the Process takes anywhere between 2 or 3 hours and it’s advisable to get there at 8:00.