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Ive used a-lot of hosting companies over the years with some being great and others just a complete nightmare.

My sign up with didn’t just happen on a whim. It literally took hours of research. Why you ask? Well to get great hosting these days its really about how competitive this area of the internet has become.

Heres the quick story…..

If you go into detail about a hosting provider your gonna want all the bells and whistles with super fast internet speeds, free ssl encryption certificates, renowned customer service ratings.. and yes you guessed it cheap. I found a hosting provider that has all of this and more.

I first went over to and read through there reviews and found that there number one pick was Not only them but at least 5 other review sites. So I went over to bluehost and started reading there layout. Hey not bad, I was like I’m sold!

So I went into the sign up phase which walks you through the pricing and thats when I said “oh heres the same catch” we all see. Bluehosts initial signup contract goes as follows 12month’s $6.95 24months $5.95, and 36 months $4.95. 3 years at 4.95 is $178.20. But the renewal math after the initial contract shown in the graph below goes way up. This is how they pretty much all get you in the long haul.

Pricing for a 12-month contract$6.95 mth$8.45 mth$9.95 mth$18.95 mth
Pricing for a 24-month contract$5.95 month$6.95 month$8.95 month$15.95 month
Pricing for a 36-month contract$4.95 month$5.45 month$7.95 month$13.95 month
New prices after contract is up.Renewal starts at $7.99 per monthRenewal starts at $12.99 per monthRenewal starts at $16.99 per monthRenewal starts at $25.99 per month
Number of websites1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website space50 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Pros &Cons

Wow so at the end of the contract your looking at a huge price gouge. So for another let’s say 24months of basic bluehost hosting your now looking at (7.99 x 24=$191.76) Thats when I said to myself once again do all hosting companies raise there prices after the contract period is up?

So I stopped the signing up process on bluehost thus more hours of research pursued and I then came to the realization that almost all of the highest rated hosting companies have a price gouge after the initial contract is up. I then was reminded that this is why I kept migrating my sites for the previous years always looking for the cheapest deal. But who wants to migrate a site after a year or two. I’ve done it and it’s kinda hectic.

Hosting companies know this and thats why Im pretty sure they raise there prices and we the customers take it in the r__r. has a price lock guarantee.

My sites now run on interserver as of today. Not only do they do a great job since 1999, they are one of the rare few highly rated A+ by the BBB with great customer service and lightning speed also. So for basic unlimited its 5 bucks a month fixed, and guess what if you do some basic math this is what it looks like.

Number one rated bluehost: 10years or 120months x 7.99 = $958.00 10 years or 120months x $5.00 = $600.00

Here is the stats for $5 a month locked price. price will never go up folks.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Weekly Backups

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Cloud Apps

SSD Caching Servers

Raid-10 Storage

Speed Optimization

Ultra Fast Web Server

Cloud Linux OS

10GB Cisco Network

Free CloudFlare CDN

Free Migration

30 Day Guarantee

Price Lock Guarantee

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Support


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email
    • Websites / Domains
    • Parked Domains
    • Unlimited Subdomains
    • Discounted Domain Registration
    • SSL Certificates
    • $1.99/1st year through interserver
    • Available Apps
    • WordPress
    • AbanteCart
    • PrestaShop
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Magento
    • phpBB
    • SMF
    • WHMCS
    • Dolphin
    • PHP-Fusion
    • Cubecart
    • osCommerce
    • 450+ Apps
    • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    • Guranteed Mail Delivery
    • Unlimited Forwarders
    • WebMail Access
    • iPhone Supported
    • Black Berry Supported
    • Android Supported
    • Windows Mobile Supported
    • MX Record Changes
    • Spam Filtering
    • Free SSL Encryption
    • Outgoing SMTP
    • Control Panel
    • Cron Jobs
    • File Manager
    • Backup / Restore
    • phpMyAdmin
    • Visitor Statistics
    • cPanel
    • Unlimited MySQL DB
    • PHP 5.5 & 5.6
    • PHP 7
    • Fast CGI
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Python
    • PERL 5.10
    • SSH Access
    1. Easy WordPress Installer
    2. Weekly Backups
    3. Automatic Updates
    4. Use Any Plugin
    • Monthly =$5.00
    • 6 Months= $28.50@$4.75
    • Yearly= $54.00@$4.50
    • 2 Years=$102.00@$4.25
    • 3 Years=$144.00@$4.00
  • Wow what a difference in long term price.

My search has brought me to the conclusion that is about as solid as it gets when it comes to the long run. Yes there are some negative reviews and from my calculations in terms of online customer justice Inter-server responds with solving the issue. That’s really all you can hope for from a company that owns its own data centers, gives students free hosting for the first year, and permanent free hosting to any non-profit that approaches them. With a online presence of 20 years Wow!

I use the standard $5.00 package with wordpress installed. My average speed for the site is: PING: 42ms… jitter 5ms.. which is very fast!

Global response on overall server speed is:

Up for:Overall uptime:
168days100 %

Response Times:

US (W)US (E)London
66 ms9 ms275 ms
SingaporeSao PauloPune
256 ms142 ms252 ms
268 ms165 ms
Performance global rating for hosting speed

Interservers customer response is pretty good.

I opened a ticket with them and literally within 15minutes I had a answer.

I just wanted to verify that my ssl certificate was active, which it was (Included free) and was then more pleased with a second followup on how to use live-chat for even a faster response. I just wanted to test the live chat because usually you get bot responses that never get the bottom of answering your questions.

I asked a question about pre-payment with my paypal account and literally within 30 seconds (they have a counter on the live chat screen) a real human responded with why they use pre-payment and how to go through to the steps to arrange it.

Interserver also has a phone line to call… seems to be quite rare nowadays.

would I recommend to my fellow associates and people looking for an online first class experience? Yes 100% thats why I signed up also to be an affiliate with these very decent fellows.

please also do your research and come back to sign up as I also always provide great bonuses to my tribe. Get a 95% free vacation with this signup. you will have to pay hotel taxes, but you have an 18month window to decide on travel. Send me your receipt and I’ll send you a certificate link. My email:

Here is the link to get price locked hosting plus 1cents for the 1st month:

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