“Create app” by Vidello rocks hard!

Update: This offer is currently closed and sold out. Any changes and I will notify you. 🤙

heres the outline of what your gonna get it the software……

Create is a desktop video editing & recording software that enables users to quickly record their screen, webcam & audio in pixel perfect resolution. It comes with a full feature timeline editor enabling users to quickly make cuts, add media, and customize videos with audio, images & video clips. Users can also render videos in full HD 1080p as well as 4k.
A premium software for marketers, e-teachers, video agencies & more, offering the most cost effective and easy to use solution on the market.
Loaded with incredible features and designed with ease of use at the pinnacle, Create provides the perfect platform for everyone no matter the skill set, epic video production & editing simple, fast & effective.

  • 1.Desktop app fully compatible with both Mac OS & Windows.
  • 2.Full feature drag and drop timeline editor. Make cuts, resize duration by dragging, move media onto different tracks, add new tracks, zoom in and out of timeline, lock media, hide media, delete media.
  • 3.Screen recorder – Record whole desktop, or select area of screen with drag and drop editor, or use quick presets.
    4.Web cam recorder – Select webcam device and record.
    5.Audio recorder – Choose microphone.
    6.Add shapes, text with gorgeous presets
    7.100+ looping animated & static emojis
    8.100’s of gorgeous icons
    9. 30 premium audio backing tracks
    10. Pixel perfect export in Full HD 1080p and even up to 4k.
    11. Export and publish to YouTube.
    12. Canvas resize – Adjust canvas area for whatever type of video you want to create.
    13. Import any kind of media, video, images, audio. Converts MOV to mp4.
    14. Media settings – Opacity, one click align, one click scale to canvas area!
    15. Fade in and out transitions, fade audio in and out,
    16.Canvas area guidelines, grab and move, zoom in and out of canvas with scroller or manually select zoom percentage, mask media on canvas for real video preview.
    Guidelines – Snap and lock on canvas and timeline.
    17.Easily save projects
    18.Keyboard shortcuts – Delete, Copy/Paste, grab canvas, duplicate, move position using arrows, cut media.
    19.Easiest video editor and super intuitive app for video creation and edit
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Just to be clear none of my offers are scams or bullshit I do not waste your time as I’m aware of how people research offers and mostly bonuses that can compliment what they are purchasing. The offers I list on my site are vetted through a process of research which includes:

  1. Who is the developer? One of my main concerns is when buying a new app or software is how long a business or software developer has been in business and also are any previous softwares still working and active that they have made. After a launch many developers do not keep active updates and the software dies a slow death. I check all this out often.
  2. Is the software effective at what its meant to do? There is nothing worse than buying something that leaves you scratching your head, joining a group in Facebook and creating support tickets all day just to get an answer for a problem. When you buy something that does not have a great tutorial or support it just means major headaches and also high refund rates.
  3. I trust the developer from previous endeavors and they have a low refund rate plus are in the top 10 percent of Jv sales with a reputation as being responsive to any questions that come there way.
  4. The law of Reciprocity is what i’m a firm believer in. Call it good karma, positive energy or what you want, I personally want my customers to be happy with my short and sweet reviews and bonuses enough that they will be my online friends and ask me whatever they want.