Octane app is legitimately a google page one ranker.

Use YouTube live events combined with Creative Commons to boost sales and traffic.

What does Octane do for the common affiliate?

The software that will allow complete newbie marketers to start earning an income from the endless amount of free traffic in YouTube.

Octane works by allowing the user to upload live stream videos. Through the large library of YouTube Creative Commons videos, and edit the back end of the video then add your affiliate link to the description.

I bought the octane app and set it up. Within about an hour. The whole process is pretty straightforward.

The reason why octane videos rank so well is because of the live streaming feature in the octane dashboard.

Now connecting the octane app to the live streaming and YouTube is kind of a challenge. Totally doable in about 10 minutes time.

Jono Armstrong and Brendan mace are the developers of this app. They’ve been on JV Zoo for quite some time and have a pretty good response team in place, including a group page. For this app, the Facebook group name is called Moblii and can be a lot of support for this app.

The developer

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