Coinbase vs Binance

Both of these tools are used to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

If you’re brand new and want to just hold bitcoin then just go with Coinbase. On the other hand, you want to get into crypto trading then In this situation, I recommend Binance.

Coinbase offers a very simple way to buy and store bitcoin, and it’s is ideal for the beginner who’s either new to the crypto space or is just a little frightened by all of the charts and graphs you might get on a trading platform.

Coinbase is the tool I have recommended for everyone who asks me how to get started with bitcoin. Binance is a little bit different, and if you want to see what the user interface looks like its in image.

Binance mobile interface

You probably have one of two reactions: either you’re like, ooh. This is just to nuts, bring me back to Coinbase, or you are like, dang. I know this is what I want to use, and if that’s the case for you and, you want to understand what all this crap is, then go with Binance from the beginning.

Now what I’ve just said is just my opinion on which one to use when trying to get started and which one you might want to use for trading. That being said, you can pretty much use either one (or both) if you have a preference, even if you prefer Coinbase. There is another platform of Coinbase called Coinbase-Pro, and this is the exchange equivalent for Binance.

Coinbase-pro is pretty much a direct competitor to Binance, in terms of which one is better. I don’t think it matters, honestly, but one thing that’s evident about Binance is that it started not that long ago and very quickly took over the cryptocurrency space.

It is the largest exchange based on volume.

Coinbase mobile interface

Crypto exchanges in general, are fairly new. Even Coinbase was founded on June 20th, 2012. Another difference, not that it matters, is that the Coinbase is a united states company, whereas Binance is a foreign company, which has brought up issues in the past, but I think it’s pretty much resolved now. The main issue was that Binance was split. So if you go to, this is a different website than but owned by the same company just different regulations.

There’s a little bit of confusion, and even when I signed up for and tried to use and it said It wasn’t available to the united states, and I was like, what the heck, I can’t even sign up for the most popular exchange.

Coinbase has a sleek design

All I needed to know, though, was that there’s our version, which is the one I want to use.
If I live in America, our version will be a little bit more limited in capabilities. VPN is best for Binance international.

You know you can go through the tabs, and there is just less than there is on the dot-com version, but that’s okay, it’s not like there are any issues with the U.S. version, and it’s totally fine to use that you might not get every single capability.

So, where do we even start? Well, my recommendation is Coinbase first and not Coinbase-Pro. is the easiest way to buy bitcoin in the U.S.
You can set an amount you want to purchase. Even as low as $10.00 bucks.

Note: A Coinbase bitcoin purchase is at a premium cost and not at exchange platform price.

The exchanges like Coinbase-Pro and Binance – offer a percentage fee system.

Coinbase-Pro like Binance sells bitcoin to you
you at exchange market value If you are going to be buying bitcoin once, twice or multiple times and maybe selling bitcoin. Then Coinbase is not the tool you want to use, and instead, you will want to use either Binance or Coinbase pro.

Note: Binance offers multiple coins for purchase-150 total/Coinbase offers 25 coins for sale.

Binance seems to be the most popular overall with a bigger learning curve.

Coinbase vs Binance fees

Coinbase fees
Binance fees

Does Amazon ship to Phillipines 2020

Amazon ph ? Not yet but the next best thing from what I’ve found being in Dumaguete city is a shipping company that has a U.S. address that Amazon will send your packages to. It’s that simple and yes they have a 96% on-time delivery rate.

Best shipping to the Phillipines is by far
there are others but I haven’t used them. The reason why shipping cart is so cool is when you look at something to ship direct from Amazon to the Phillipines you notice that they add an highly abusive (mentally) fee. To the check out cart. But when you send a package in the US especially with prime. It’s totally free and that’s why companies like shipping cart exist.

Shipping cart is the middle man in a very large chain of shipping companies, international duties, plus the occasional corrupt customs agent. They simplify the process completely.

Once you sign up to shipping cart they give a warehouse address like the one above.
This is the address you will use upon checkout with Amazon.

Once Amazon ships your product to shipping cart’s warehouse, shipping cart photographs your package along with any processing information tied to it and sends you an email. You then give them your Phillipines address and payment. Yes you can save upwards of $40-50 on duties and attached fees. Including some hard to find things in the Phillipines.

My suggestion: Is that you buy your electronics from US Amazon, especially IPhones and IPads as the Phillipines has so many Vietnam knockoffs.
We bought a IPhone on Facebook market place in Cebu not really thinking about the fake thing until noticing how short the battery life was on the phone.

Shipping time averages about a week, sometimes less. These guys have a great reputation, I even thought that since there was such a large mark up on some of the goods here in Dumaguete that we could actually buy authentic items and resell them to cover for our other purchases but have not put the time into researching it yet.

Overall I think a lot of people are catching on to the global shopping idea. It’s saved us a bundle plus after a while you get used to the shipping times and overall waiting just a little longer for a package is not that bad.

Do I need a visa to visit Phillipines from USA.

Official information for Cebu immigration 29day extension after your visa free 30 days has come to an end.

Yes you will need a visa ext after your automatic visa free 30 day stay in Cebu is about to end and you want to extend for another 29days. 

I’ve gone through the extension process several times in Cebu city at the J-Mall immigration on the 2nd floor in the mall, here’s what to expect.

Cebu immigration cutoff time 1pm

The office opens at 8:00 am and cutoff time is 1:00 pm to extend 29 day visa. Get there early as the process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours as it is the only himmigration office for Cebu and can be quite busy.

Visa extension Cebu
29 day extension at Cebu immigration

When you walk into the office immediately on your right there will be a immigration officer and a sign in log that you need to sign. Show your passport to the seated immigration officer who will give you a form to fill out after you tell him you want to file a 29 day extension.  The form is basic information, full name, location in Cebu, phone, height, weight, sex, etc…

Immigration office at Cebu

Once you fill out your form bring it and your passport to the officer that gave you the form. He will then verify and stamp your form giving you a number card to hold onto so when that number is called you will pay for the extension. 

Then you will walk over to the “receiving window” directly in the center of office and Hand your passport with stamped form to the officer. (Image above) This starts the process.

Card number for Cebu visa
Number card for payment.

He or she will tell you to have a seat and wait for your number to be called, once it’s called go up to the “cashier” and pay him. Plus give him your number card. 

Jmall Cebu immigration
Cashier window at Cebu immigration Jmall

The fee includes the express charge so the total is with everything for a 29 day extension is 3,200 php which includes express line as it seems like there is no other option although they give you the option on the form to choose. You will be charged express no matter what as it’s just more money for them.

Office in Cebu immigration

You will then have a seat again and wait for the final process of which your actual name will he called, then you walk up to “releasing” to grab your passport and any related papers that come with it which include a receipt for your payment and a statement saying you have been cleared from any police records or blacklists in the country.

As I said the Process takes anywhere between 2 or 3 hours and it’s advisable to get there at 8:00.

Cebu City to Dumaguete taking Maayo shipping.

Michiel- (yes proper spelling) my self (Lyon) have been living in Cebu City for almost 2 years. If your in Cebu and want to take the the coastal tour on a bus down to Dumaguete then read forward as I will walk you through the process.

Ceres bus lines offer round trip services to many cities from Cebu.

We hit the road from our location in Cebu to the south bus terminal station around 7:30 AM the taxi to the station is reasonable about 85 php or $1.30 taking about 25mins to get there. Arrival at the station will cost you 10php to enter with your taxi and bags. Yes I know if your a foreigner like me your gonna do a lot of head-scratching at the small but yet adding-up fees you pay everywhere along the way in the Phillipines.

Once at the station your gonna want to look for a bus that says Dumaguete in the front upper left of the main window at the driving end of the bus. The cost for a one way trip is 275 php now this fee includes just the bus ticket. The bus drives to a port and will reverse onto a large boat called Maayo shipping. The boat ride costs 70 php so in total the entire trip per person is 300 php or $6.00.

Michiel and Miller relaxing on the bus.

Trust me when I say this do not take the bus with no air-conditioning as the Phillipines is humid so for an extra 50php you will have a direct AC vent over your head. Length of bus ride from Cebu to Dumaguete ranges from 5 to 6 hours according to traffic. I noticed once outside Cebu City the traffic lightens up with just one road going along the coast.

What will you see along the way from Cebu to Dumaguete.

The Phillipines has some of the greatest diversity I have seen in my travels. The bus drive is ultimately a great way to see some of places and people, how they live, what they live on, and what they do. If your from a country that has a clean trash policy then bear in mind your gonna have a strong opinion about how much trash your gonna see as it seems people living in the Phillipines just don’t clean up the surrounding environment. There are some beautiful sites along the way also mainly rice fields, small towns, and open ocean views.

Rice fields of the Phillipines.
Rice fields along the highway.

Cottage near Talisay City.

Vendors will try to sell snacks to you on the bus.

Once your on your way, I mean that literally as you will notice that really nothing follows an exact schedule in the Phillipines. My assumption leads me to believe there are just so many people that it’s hard to mandate a schedule to mass lines and the arrangement to situate these numbers on a timely bases. Although Filipino people are one of the most effective in writing everything down and collecting information with written receipts for just about everything. You won’t find much electronic processes to check in or out except for airports that have modernized the process of expendedency. Put on your Patience hat as your next step will adjust to the vendors that will come through the bus selling goods, these vendors are already on the bus as other passengers. I didn’t buy any but many people do buy crackers, chips , cookies, water, along with other only made in the Phillipines items.

Cebu Highway view heading to Dumaguete.
Beautiful Location along the way.

Maayo Shipping takes about 40 minutes to cross the channel.

Side note about bus ride: Along the way we stopped to use the bathroom once, if you have a small bladder like me I advise you not to drink much as the drive will be a pretty big test as I found out.

The boat ride is the shortest part of the trip, about 40 minutes total and will actually be the nicest if you enjoy a open ocean breeze and views. Once the bus backs up into the boat the driver will say it’s time to exit and get out and head up to where the seating is. There is happily a bathroom on the boat also. The Phillipines has some of the calmest seas throughout the year as multiple islands block incoming swells from the larger part of the Pacific Ocean.

Maayo from Cebu to Dumaguete
Maayo shipping from Cebu to Dumaguete
Maayo shipping co view
Maayo shipping view

Another 35min to Dumaguete from the Maayo port at Negros Oriental.

So once you make it across the channel from Visayas to Negros Oriental the province where Dumaguete City is located you will get back on the bus and drive another 35 minutes to Dumaguete City. The cost of this portion is included in your initial 275 php which you paid upfront. The trip in itself is actually quite nice although our little guy got sick from the trip along the the way but otherwise well worth the $6.00 also being the cheapest way to get to Dumaguete from Cebu city.

Side note: You will pay for your bus ticket once your seated on the bus at the south bus terminal, a ticket manager comes to your seat and issues a slip and collects payment. Good to know this as you might end up wanting to find a ticket terminal at south bus terminal and there isn’t one.

Please read my next blog on where to stay and eat in Dumaguete, Aloha Lyon,Michiel and Miller💙

Dumaguete sign in the port of Dumaguete
Michiel at the famous Dumaguete sign.

Advertising boost reviews 2020

When I first started with online marketing which was 2012 I had zero ideas about how it all worked. The maze of information even to this day can be so overwhelming that you can eventually feel like its an endless golden object hunt to find just one profitable idea. The truth is if you have a moderately steady level of concentration and believe that any one idea is profitable and just stick with it everyday for awhile (months) there is a very highly likely chance that you will see your first dollar or ( whatever your monetary system) is made. This feeling propels you enough to realize this whole online thing works. It really helps to have a bonus system in place thats effective in helping people press the buy button.

Internet marketing and direct marketing as expected can become the primary purpose for everyone who has a product to sell. All of a sudden you come to grips that the product is not going to sell itself nor are you a marketing master yet. Every single part of the puzzle must be in place to see a result that are usually based on statistics as internet marketing is a traffic to product ratio for success. Often times failing forward with split testing can be the only way an online sale will take place.

What many have found to be true is adding a simple bonus or something for free can improve your sales results exponentially.

The idea of getting something for free is not exactly a new sales tactic, big business marketing, small business marketing, and product marketing all on some level have a sale’s page, up-sell, down-sell, opt-in, discount, funnel and bonus related to the target product.

This is where the reoccurring money is made and very large marketing firms literally find the formula that can print money with the funnel technique by simply adding a great bonus. Most if not all digital products being sold have a bonus included in the offer.

All that being said buyers have also started to expect better and better bonuses. I’m pretty sure even you have seen the same thing being sold the only difference is choice is its ether cheaper or there is an add-on bonus that is unique. Most people will buy the product that has an added bonus product especially a bonus others are not offering.

In the world of digital products especially new softwares as a service (saas) that are coming out from JV-zoo or Warrior plus you will see some of the most competitive bonus boosting on the internet. We are talking free courses, ebooks, video training, softwares, subscriptions, even money and physical products like cell phones,tablets,etc.

How does an internet affiliate marketer make a name for himself with all this bonus boosting action. The first thing is always be upfront and represent stuff that is developed by a great company or has a long track record at being solid with communication, stability, no down time, and lots of updates. Then put some thinking and research into your bonus quiver as It will literally be the final valuable piece of the puzzle that propels a person to say yes buying through your website recommendation, review, or guide.

Why Advertising Boost?

Why Advertising boost fits the bill? Well its a solid great company with one of the most valuable bonus packages you could use to promote just about anything. The numbers don’t lie as 1million people who have already traveled using this company and 22,000 video testimonies its no wonder that the top affiliates promoting with Advertising Boost make 300k a year. If your looking for a great sales incentive then try handing out vacation packages valued way beyond an ebook or e-commerce course along side your digital product or as many e-commerce stores already do.

  1. The gold package offers yearly Unlimited Complementary Vacation Incentives through that you can print and mail, or you can email.
  2. Unlimited Restaurant & Entertainment Incentives both great for your hometown networking.
  3. owns Advertising Boost so as member you gets you exclusive travel agent rates at over 400,000 hotels worldwide. You will never pay retail rates again and save up to 80%. has almost 4million Facebook followers and 55,000 testimonies. They are very reliable.
  4. . Advertising Boost also integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Clickfunnels, Builderall, Zapier and much more.

Reminder: These are real incentives with “Realworld” value and the company that sells these packages knows this thats why the silver plan is $297 year that allows you to give 10 vacation incentives, 10 hotel cards, and 10 dining cards per month. So about $25 per month over the year. The gold package is $497 a year with unlimited incentive packages to hand out. There is also a platinum plan for $997 a year for for Ad agencies or companies with multiple businesses. I would start small and see if you have an increase in sales. The $297 offers 300 incentives a year at 30 per month. About a $1.00 per incentive. Its a product proven to convert double to three times the normal bonus.

I know guys just using these incentives to build email lists. One guy got 5,000 subscribers in a matter of 2months. owns advertising boost.

My experience with giving away “free” vacation packages.

First of all these incentives are not free. They have a catch and at first I was like not cool, that’s my typical stance when I start to read the fine print which I recommend you do if you decide to go to the site and do your due diligence. So the reason they made it to my site as I’ve said in other reviews is that if something offers solid value and is very clear about what the service is and how it works and I actually will spend hours researching before making the cut which they did. The reason was clear they charge hotel taxes and a activation fee for most of the hotels offered, except the Thailand and Bali hotels that don’t have taxes. The highest fees per night were on the 5day Mexico trip at 29.95 per day. So when I looked at what the resorts looked like thats what sold me, they are all 4star locations and also thousands of people who have stayed there only paying 29.95 a night were way stoked. The fees are also lower in other locations so I started to promote Advertising boost.

What other people are saying about Advertising Boost.

I have not had anyone who has received my free vacation incentive contact me or complain at all. The booking period after the activation of the certificate is up to18 months so this gives you or your clients alot of flexibility. What I have noticed is increased sales through promoting Advertising boost along side my affiliate reviews. I do recommend this product as its safe to say with the community this company has built on Facebook including the fact that you can call an travel agent to book your trip and read thousands of great reviews makes it a really great package.

If you decide to use my link:

Email me and I have a ton of bonuses that come along with this offer. Just mention what type of online stuff your interested in and I will send you directional software and courses that will fulfill your action based plan to make you money. Action and consistency overall is the basis to any type of income.🤙

Here is my personal email:

Please be aware that these are not fully free vacation’s. But a 4star resort for just hotel taxes is a solid giveaway incentive to any serious small business promoter. Including the fact that you can take a trip yourself. Side-note: The Facebook group is called: Advertising Boost. last I checked 19.1k members.

Interserver hosting 2020

interserver overall deal

Ive used a-lot of hosting companies over the years with some being great and others just a complete nightmare.

My sign up with didn’t just happen on a whim. It literally took hours of research. Why you ask? Well to get great hosting these days its really about how competitive this area of the internet has become.

Heres the quick story…..

If you go into detail about a hosting provider your gonna want all the bells and whistles with super fast internet speeds, free ssl encryption certificates, renowned customer service ratings.. and yes you guessed it cheap. I found a hosting provider that has all of this and more.

I first went over to and read through there reviews and found that there number one pick was Not only them but at least 5 other review sites. So I went over to bluehost and started reading there layout. Hey not bad, I was like I’m sold!

So I went into the sign up phase which walks you through the pricing and thats when I said “oh heres the same catch” we all see. Bluehosts initial signup contract goes as follows 12month’s $6.95 24months $5.95, and 36 months $4.95. 3 years at 4.95 is $178.20. But the renewal math after the initial contract shown in the graph below goes way up. This is how they pretty much all get you in the long haul.

Pricing for a 12-month contract$6.95 mth$8.45 mth$9.95 mth$18.95 mth
Pricing for a 24-month contract$5.95 month$6.95 month$8.95 month$15.95 month
Pricing for a 36-month contract$4.95 month$5.45 month$7.95 month$13.95 month
New prices after contract is up.Renewal starts at $7.99 per monthRenewal starts at $12.99 per monthRenewal starts at $16.99 per monthRenewal starts at $25.99 per month
Number of websites1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website space50 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Pros &Cons

Wow so at the end of the contract your looking at a huge price gouge. So for another let’s say 24months of basic bluehost hosting your now looking at (7.99 x 24=$191.76) Thats when I said to myself once again do all hosting companies raise there prices after the contract period is up?

So I stopped the signing up process on bluehost thus more hours of research pursued and I then came to the realization that almost all of the highest rated hosting companies have a price gouge after the initial contract is up. I then was reminded that this is why I kept migrating my sites for the previous years always looking for the cheapest deal. But who wants to migrate a site after a year or two. I’ve done it and it’s kinda hectic.

Hosting companies know this and thats why Im pretty sure they raise there prices and we the customers take it in the r__r. has a price lock guarantee.

My sites now run on interserver as of today. Not only do they do a great job since 1999, they are one of the rare few highly rated A+ by the BBB with great customer service and lightning speed also. So for basic unlimited its 5 bucks a month fixed, and guess what if you do some basic math this is what it looks like.

Number one rated bluehost: 10years or 120months x 7.99 = $958.00 10 years or 120months x $5.00 = $600.00

Here is the stats for $5 a month locked price. price will never go up folks.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Weekly Backups

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Cloud Apps

SSD Caching Servers

Raid-10 Storage

Speed Optimization

Ultra Fast Web Server

Cloud Linux OS

10GB Cisco Network

Free CloudFlare CDN

Free Migration

30 Day Guarantee

Price Lock Guarantee

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

24/7 Support


  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email
    • Websites / Domains
    • Parked Domains
    • Unlimited Subdomains
    • Discounted Domain Registration
    • SSL Certificates
    • $1.99/1st year through interserver
    • Available Apps
    • WordPress
    • AbanteCart
    • PrestaShop
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Magento
    • phpBB
    • SMF
    • WHMCS
    • Dolphin
    • PHP-Fusion
    • Cubecart
    • osCommerce
    • 450+ Apps
    • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    • Guranteed Mail Delivery
    • Unlimited Forwarders
    • WebMail Access
    • iPhone Supported
    • Black Berry Supported
    • Android Supported
    • Windows Mobile Supported
    • MX Record Changes
    • Spam Filtering
    • Free SSL Encryption
    • Outgoing SMTP
    • Control Panel
    • Cron Jobs
    • File Manager
    • Backup / Restore
    • phpMyAdmin
    • Visitor Statistics
    • cPanel
    • Unlimited MySQL DB
    • PHP 5.5 & 5.6
    • PHP 7
    • Fast CGI
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Python
    • PERL 5.10
    • SSH Access
    1. Easy WordPress Installer
    2. Weekly Backups
    3. Automatic Updates
    4. Use Any Plugin
    • Monthly =$5.00
    • 6 Months= $28.50@$4.75
    • Yearly= $54.00@$4.50
    • 2 Years=$102.00@$4.25
    • 3 Years=$144.00@$4.00
  • Wow what a difference in long term price.

My search has brought me to the conclusion that is about as solid as it gets when it comes to the long run. Yes there are some negative reviews and from my calculations in terms of online customer justice Inter-server responds with solving the issue. That’s really all you can hope for from a company that owns its own data centers, gives students free hosting for the first year, and permanent free hosting to any non-profit that approaches them. With a online presence of 20 years Wow!

I use the standard $5.00 package with wordpress installed. My average speed for the site is: PING: 42ms… jitter 5ms.. which is very fast!

Global response on overall server speed is:

Up for:Overall uptime:
168days100 %

Response Times:

US (W)US (E)London
66 ms9 ms275 ms
SingaporeSao PauloPune
256 ms142 ms252 ms
268 ms165 ms
Performance global rating for hosting speed

Interservers customer response is pretty good.

I opened a ticket with them and literally within 15minutes I had a answer.

I just wanted to verify that my ssl certificate was active, which it was (Included free) and was then more pleased with a second followup on how to use live-chat for even a faster response. I just wanted to test the live chat because usually you get bot responses that never get the bottom of answering your questions.

I asked a question about pre-payment with my paypal account and literally within 30 seconds (they have a counter on the live chat screen) a real human responded with why they use pre-payment and how to go through to the steps to arrange it.

Interserver also has a phone line to call… seems to be quite rare nowadays.

would I recommend to my fellow associates and people looking for an online first class experience? Yes 100% thats why I signed up also to be an affiliate with these very decent fellows.

please also do your research and come back to sign up as I also always provide great bonuses to my tribe. Get a 95% free vacation with this signup. you will have to pay hotel taxes, but you have an 18month window to decide on travel. Send me your receipt and I’ll send you a certificate link. My email:

Here is the link to get price locked hosting plus 1cents for the 1st month:

Is Chatter Pal a game changer for A.I. chat bots?

when I first saw this software come out by developer Paul Ponna who is probably one of the most respected in his field for really good tech ideas I came to a conclusion that he was definitely on to something.

A.I. chat bots in my opinion will most likely be included in most sales processes online, including Amazon at one point or another.

The reason for chat bots is simple and effective.

ChatterPal gives you your very own AI-powered personal chat agent, that can interact with a human on a level a normal website doesn’t with a 3D avatar.

It can reach out, connect, and interact with your site visitors at a higher percentage rate than just a landing page does.

Boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, get more leads into your sales funnel, and earn more profit. Yes chat bots and statistics prove this as fact.

Even more amazing is Paul ads cutting-edge 3D avatar animation, as well as life-like text-to-speech and lip-sync technology with chat characters who interact responsively with your questions.

The back end of the software is awesome with very simple to follow tutorials on how to set the whole thing up on any site.

You can target specific markets or languages? ChatterPal lets you interact with visitors and customers in any language.

Is it worth it to invest in this software?

If you have a website that is targeted for subscribers then yes this is an excellent chat bot software for this.

If you are taking appointments online for any type of business then yes this is a winner.

Its also good for e-commerce and funnels.

Did I buy it? Yes i bought the deluxe version which offers more animated avatars.

Is the front end version fine? Yes the front end is plenty for any business and Paul never holds out on his software.

Paul has sold 13,000+ copies of this software making it a best seller.

Heres the sales page and my bonuses for: Chatter pal

The Best autoresponder on the market.

I can speak from experience that finding a great autoresponder does take some searching including watching a ton of reviews on youtube.

You got get-response, Aweber, Mailchimp, and literally a ton of others. But honestly and thats my mandate with my reviews is honesty. All these Autoresponders for marketing have monthly reoccurring payments with an increase the more subscribers you have on your list.

Short and sweet…..

The competition and software is tight and guesses what developers are getting better at building new cheaper but better autoresponders with unlimited access to everything.

That’s why I usually get frustrated with the whole experience when the price adds up over the year. You’re looking at hundreds of dollars at the end of the year.

This is a 3 tools in one software that has some major advantages over other responders, one being currently is you can get this tool with a one time payment.

The sales page is a long one so the best thing for me to do is summarize what it does without going into a longwinded breakdown.

Heres what you can do with

1.Unlimited emails

2. Unlimited phone texts

3.Unlimited messenger inbox

Currently, these are the three most profitable marketing channels on the market. Thus is why this option is a no brainer. I have vetted this software and also the developer Joshua Zamora who is a awesome guy with tutorial

please send me your purchase receipt so that I can verify you bought through my link. send to this email:
I’ll send some great bonuses.

Here is my video review of